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5s Housekeeping

5s Housekeeping is a term related to the Japanese approach to housekeeping in the warehouse, factory or plant. It is a method of organizing, cleaning, developing, and sustaining a productive work environment.

The 5's from the term "5S Housekeeping" are

Sort: This is about getting rid of the clutter in a factory. Only items such as necessary work tools should be in the factory environment. All other items, such as excess inventory, should be removed.

Set in Order: The Work area should be organized so that it is easy to find what is needed.

Shine: This is to do with keeping the work area tidy and clean. Make it 'shine'.

Standardize: Once the most effective cleaning and sorting methods have been established, they should be used as standards for the whole factory.

Sustain: Mechanisms should be implemented to ensure that the standards achieved are recognised by everyone and used in the future.

The 5S housekeeping approach has helped manufacturing businesses to improve efficiency as a result of their work environment becoming less cluttered and more organized. Anything Lean provides a variety of tools, training and products to aid in 5S implementation