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Lean Games

Lean games are a great way motivate your team and to simulate how the lean principals apply to day to day activities. Statistics have proven that simulation games increase the effectiveness of you training by 75% connecting theory with reality. Not only are the lean games effective they are fun.

These lean games will give you step by step instructions on how to facilitate.With these games you will have everything you need to facilitate your message with ease. These lean simulation games will be a great addition and training program.

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lean games lean games lean games
Flow Simulation
Our Price: $79.99
5S Action Kit
Our Price: $299.99
JIT Factory Flow Kit
Our Price: $479.99
Flow Simulation makes it easier for trainers to communicate the principles of Lean in a lean simulation exercise. Visualize the power and benefits of 5S with our new 5S Action Kit. If your company is serious about implementing a Lean Transformation, every person should go through this training.