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lean poster hangers 5s poster 5s poster
Poster Hangers
Our Price: $3.00
5S Poster Version 1
Our Price: $29.99
5S Poster, Version 2
Our Price: $29.99
A set of poster hangers include two hangers and two rails made of clear PVC plastic 5S is the building blocks of all improvement activity. We have designed a poster that encompasses the major themes of 5S into one image. The 5S’s are the building blocks of all improvement activity, and because there are two industry-accepted English translations of the original Japanese 5S’s, we at Enna have created two versions of our popular 5S poster.
This poster supports Enna's Value Stream Mapping Program and is a great overview of the steps of Value Stream Mapping. The theme of the poster is that of a roadmap looking onwards towards continuous improvement; it encompasses the fundamental steps behind Value Stream Mapping and is a great visual tool to promote continuous improvement in your organization. This poster is a supporting visual aid for any Kaizen Event and will be a cornerstone to our Kaizen Workshop Solution. 7 Wastes of Operations Poster is a visual aid that increases the effectiveness of Lean training sessions and continues the communication of the 7 Wastes while the participants are involved in the workshop and after the event has come to a close.
8 Wastes of Lean Poster
Our Price: $29.99
The 8 Wastes of Lean Poster will increase the effectiveness of your Lean manufacturing program. 5S is the foundation of continuous improvement activities. The 5 S's of Kaizen Poster summarizes and defines the 5 S's in one poster. The poster has been derived from Shigeo Shingo and Hiroyuki Hirano’s commitment to SMED and JIT
5s poster
Kaizen Mindset Poster
Our Price: $29.99
Identifying Waste Poster
Our Price: $33.99
Using this poster with every workshop that you perform as well as having it visible on the shop floor will inspire your employees to utilize the powerful concepts they have learned This poster is designed to explain the concept of identifying shop floor waste in a simple, brightly illustrated way. 5S Shopfloor posters to guide employees in creating organized and manageable work areas. All of the posters in this set describe and visually illustrate the referenced 5S activity. Use these colorful posters to brighten up work areas and motivate employees to practice the 5S’s everyday.