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Curious Cat
Focused on Deming's ideas, lean manufacturing (lean thinking), six sigma, customer focus, systems thinking, Toyota Production System (TPS) and innovation.

Daily Kaizen
We intend to track the journey of a world-class health care system as it continuously improves to serve its members.

Evolving Excellence
Thoughts on Lean Enterprise Leadership.

Got Boondoggle?
Dedicated to the Improvement of Work through Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Principles, Six Sigma quality and the elimination of waste.

IIE Blogs
An Industrial Engineering Life
The purpose of this blog is to present news articles and commentary on the following topics: the Toyota Production System, Lean Manufacturing (aka Lean Production or Lean Enterprise), along with new applications of lean such as Lean Healthcare. I also hope that this site will prompt discussion and learning among lean manufacturing practitioners and students (we're all on a lifelong lean learning journey). Thanks for visiting.

A Lean Journey Blog Spot
My Lean Journey started about 10 years ago with a career change from R&D to manufacturing. I started this Blog   to share lessons along the way and chronicle "My Lean Journey in the Quest for True North". With some much empahsis on continuous improvement we often miss the true teaching of TPS (Thinking People System). Lean is a "Learning" process so sharing your lessons and opinions are welcome. The content within this blog represents my opinion, not that of my employer or anyone else. Forum
Sample Posting - I have just started value stream mapping the processes through an extended organization. I like the concept of open source software, which seems to fit in well with the philosophy of Lean and came across Open Office Draw. Is anyone else is interested in this approach .....

Lean Reflections
I've been fascinated with the emergence of lean manufacturing since the early 1980s. Part of lean is reflecting, thus the title of this blog. Though I'm not a practitioner, I see opportunities for lean everywhere. You'll see my observations here and in my comments on other great blogs.

Lean, six-sigma & quality plus all the stuff in between.

Learning About Lean
My name is Joe Ely. I run a manufacturing operation and am learning so much. I enjoy what I do and hope I can convey that here.

Lean Six Sigma Academy
Lean, Six Sigma, and Leadership

The Lean Way Consulting

89% of companies consider themselves Lean yet less than 33% have mature Lean deployments 

Only 17.8% of companies say continuous improvement programs led to major increases in productivity. 82% of companies say adopting significant culture change  is their #1 challenge


The Lean Way Consulting are not only experts in the tools for Lean and Six Sigma but we are experts on changing a culture to get you long lasting results.  Join in on the conversations on our blog.

Northwest Lean Networks Forum
The NWLEAN Listserv is the largest and most successful lean discussion on the planet! The discussion began in October, 1998. The listserv informs over 10,000 NWLEAN members.

Reforming Project Management
The magazing for the project age.

The LEAN Executive
Insight, opinion and commentary for the leaders of Lean Enterprise Transformation from some of the world's leading experts.

The Lean Insider
A blog of news, research and trends on all things lean.

The Lean Thinker

Thoughts and insights from the Shopfloor.