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EMS Consulting Group
EMS Consulting Group is a management consulting firm uniquely designed to create value for manufacturers and product developers. Our clients include organizations from the industrial and consumer products, defense/aerospace, and medical device sectors. Providing training and hands-on consulting services in lean manufacturing and design; we can help you achieve lower costs, improved productivity, and improved time-to-market.

Harris Lean Systems
Harris Lean Systems (HLS) is a company of Lean professionals that provide companies and organizations with support in understanding and implementing Lean Manufacturing. Harris Lean Systems, Inc. views Lean Manufacturing (derived from the Toyota Production System) to be the only true model for sustaining continuous improvement. HLS, Inc. supports companies that wish to adopt or adapt the Toyota Production System, develop their own Lean production system.

Institute for Lean Systems
Our coaches are experienced lean thinkers and practitioners with firm foundations in performance improvement and motivation. We understand the demands facing today’s leaders, from increasing competitive pressures, to managing constant change. We can help you refine your leadership skills: from planning, to facilitation, to presentation.

Kaizen Institute
KAIZEN Institute (KI) is the premier Lean consulting company that assures a robust and sustainable implementation strategy for global corporations. KAIZEN accomplishes sustainable implementation through the development of the internal structure for deployment and then enables the workforce, at all levels, to maintain Continuous Improvement initiatives. In today’s lean market, only KI offers the comprehensive skills and processes to help customers in all business sectors develop a robust, sustainable improvement programs that link to strategic business goals.

Kunst Art of Solutions
Our Vision: To be an integrated solutions provider that helps organizations to thrive in competitive environments.
Our Mission: Provide focus in both strategic and tactile solutions to address organizational challenges by:
Lean Affiliates
OUR MISSION is to partner with our clients to achieve breakthrough results with speed, agility, and effectiveness.

Lean Associates
Lean Associates is a group of independent lean coaches who are all highly skilled at guiding organizations through the challenging process of transformation. This structure of independent consultants allows Lean Associates to cost effectively work with smaller companies, and to support major companies with more significant needs (multiple plants and multiple locations).

Lean Learning Center
The Lean Learning Center can help you with your lean transformation in ways beyond these courses. With support from our consulting partner Achievement Dynamics we can facilitate kaizen workshops and lean teams transformation at your company including activities from the shop floor to administrative processes. This is a great chance to start learning by doing. We can also help you develop your transformation strategy plan and organizational structure. We can run a Kaizen Workshop Bootcamp at your company to develop a strong core of change agents and facilitators.

Lean Manufacturing Consulting
Part of your solution may include some of these Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction services: Lean Transformation/Lean Enterprise, Supplier Development, Strategic Purchasing, and Clean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Solutions Partnership
What began as a business model has developed into our mission: to be a resource that helps improve and save U.S. manufacturing! LMSPI brings veteran experience to make Lean improvements happen from the inside of your business with your team. We have traveled the world working with companies to lead Lean initiatives that have collectively resulted in excess of $70,000,000 dollars in savings and bottom line improvements. Lean Manufacturing Solutions Partnership, Inc. is committed to being a Profit Based Lean Implementation & Training Resource.

Lean Promotion
Lean Promotion is a network of independent Lean professionals experienced in Toyota Production System implementation. Our experience in Lean implementation is particularly suited to converting existing operations that are organized around traditional mass production practices in cultures resistant to change. Rooted in the fundamentals of kaizen, our approach utilizes the concepts, principles and techniques of TPS in a way that creates company-wide participation and achieves lasting results.

Leap Technologies
According to numerous studies, close to 80% OF NEW IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVES FAIL to meet expectations for delivering results - on time or within budget. Change is hard enough. Consistently disappointing results from well-intentioned change initiative saps motivation from top leaders to frontline employees. Leap Technologies' solution to slow and unsatisfactory results is a set of easy-to-apply and highly reliable processes and tools that can speed results and boost returns on any improvement initiative..

he Lean Way Consulting

89% of companies consider themselves Lean yet less than 33% have mature Lean deployments

Only 17.8% of companies say continuous improvement programs led to major increases in productivity. 82% of companies say adopting significant culture change is their #1 challenge

The Lean Way Consulting are not only experts in the tools for Lean and Six Sigma but we are experts on changing a culture to get you long lasting results. Join in on the conversations on our blog.

Manufacturing Management and Technology Institute
If you are a manufacturing professional, we want this site to provide you with information you can use. Visit us to find pointers on becoming lean, and on adapting lean manufacturing to your plant. In our training and consulting services, we address both technical and managerial issues in a consistent manner, as is needed to achieve enduring improvements.

More Effective Consulting
We are a management consulting company providing breakthrough and bottom line results to Manufacturing and Healthcare companies. How did we help save $6 Million dollars last year for Freightliner, LLC (A Daimler Chrysler Company)? We offer a unique 3 to 1 return on your investment GUARANTEE! We also have a 100% repeat business rate that exemplifies our results and passion for improving financial and employee empowerment goals that drive savings and continuous improvement. Our "Lean" Sensei's implement solutions that save millions of dollars! We also train you with unique and tailored methodologies and solutions to eliminate process waste and improve performance. We assess your challenges and then propose and implement the best long term action plan to lead teams, drive results and realize true savings.

Optiprise is dedicated to eliminating waste in manufacturing value streams and creating speed in lean enterprises through engineering, educating and enabling implementation and transformation services. Optiprise professionals bring appropriate combinations of lean tools and methodologies and information technology from the shop floor to the extended enterprise and always leave well trained and coached internal change agents.

Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Our vision is to be the principal source of high performance business and technical assistance for Oregon's small to mid-sized manufacturers and the partner of choice for the economic development community. Our emphasis on transforming companies goes beyond the factory floor to create a ripple effect of positive sustainable impact on the business, the workforce, and the community.
Our Mission: The purpose of this page is to promote the Kaizen Culture. Kaizen is a learning process, also a discipline and here you will discover how we all can use it to our benefit.

Productivity Inc.
The goals of improving cost, quality, delivery and capabilities are shared by all organizations across all industries, but not all organizations go about achieving them in the same way. Guided by Productivity's Lean Management System and years of operational expertise, we can help you:
We have developed a powerful, simple, and systematic approach for creating Lean Excellence. The process maximizes improvement in the shortest time while minimizing risk and driving toward a fundamental culture change. We call this path the Simpler Business System. Strategic Lean Transformations require intense and focused action in seven key areas: Strategic Growth, Involvement, Management, People, Leadership Focus, Economies of Flow, and Results.

Shingijutsu Co. provides world wide consulting practices on manufacturing technology. There have been fierce changes in our environment in recent years. The environment surrounding corporations especially is becoming tougher; highly diversified products in low volume, widened volume fluctuation, short-term delivery, intensified price competitions,and so on. It is time to think of how manufacturing should be conducted in 100 years from now. It is our company's mission to serve to develop the future production system.

Global affiliates of Strategos-International offer Lean Manufacturing training and consulting worldwide.

TBM Consulting Group
After almost 15 years serving our clients, TBM today is proud to be the global leader in business performance improvement – on four continents and in seven languages.

Technical Change Associates
For 23 years, Technical Change Associates has provided high-performance solutions to help companies achieve extraordinary results. These solutions are rooted in the four quadrants of our Competition Quad - Lean Business Practices, Systems and Resource Management, Customer Focus People, and Six Sigma.

Part of your solution may include some of these Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction services: Lean Transformation/Lean Enterprise, Supplier Development, Strategic Purchasing, and Clean Manufacturing

The Northwest Lean Networks
The Northwest Lean Networks - NWLEAN - assists companies implement lean manufacturing and lean production systems. NWLEAN provides information about understanding how lean systems work, designing lean systems, and assuring successful lean implementations.
Our Vision: The Plant-Maintenance and Manufacturing-Engineering Communities of America will be a key group in the years to come. The Lean Manufacturing Strategies will give the people of the world a new opportunity to rethink the misuse of energy, human and natural resources and bring our lives into a harmonious state of equilibrium for the generations to come.

Throughput Solutions
We promote your vision and goals, and certify your team through the hands-on application of Lean tools for immediate and long-term results.

Victory Alliance Technologies
Victory Alliance Technologies is on a quest to transform the world of work by improving competitiveness through lean principles. Working as your strategic partner, Victory Alliance Technologies provides an engineering team approach customized to fit your needs, focused on achieving dramatic results with speed, simplicity and audacity. Join our lean quest and begin the adventure! Cool Engineers. Cool Improvements. Cool Results.

Vital Enterprises
Our consulting services focus on making business improvements and raising your ability to generate new ideas, acquire knowledge rapidly, and transfer it efficiently across your workplace.