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Lean Manager Certification for Administration and Service Industries
Lean Manager Certification for Administration and Service Industries is a highly interactive and fully accredited program that teaches a carefully sequenced curriculum of Lean concepts and techniques, specifically for use in an administrative and service industry environment. This program emphasizes innovation pointing to the streamlining of operations processes and the improvement of administration effectiveness. Over three-non consecutive weeks, each participant will experience a series of learning modules focusing on Lean planning, deployment and implementation. In between the weeks of training, participants must apply what they have learned to processes at their own organizations and in subsequent weeks, present their progress and results to the class. Participants who successfully complete the three-week training and mentoring program, demonstrate successful implementation in their own organization and pass the certification exam are then certified as Administrative Lean Managers. (Earn 12 CEUs.)

Lean Manager Certification Program
Productivity Inc. and the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University are offering a program unlike any other. It´s called the Lean Manager Certificate Program (LMAC). It´s designed for middle and top-level executives at any company who seek the essential knowledge necessary to drive Lean throughout their entire organization.

Lean Leader Certification
Lean Leader Certification is targeted at lean specialists and champions charged with leading lean transformation as well as higher-level managers. It would be expected that these individuals have already mastered lean operations and tools through our Lean Operational Excellence Certification.

Lean Systems Certification
This series is designed for change agents and leaders responsible for implementing your transformation strategy. The series is intellectually rigorous but is tailored to the audience to be appropriate for all team members. When completed as part of the Strategic Transformation Partnership or Community Action Partnership, the series is also physically rigorous, with long working days gathering data, analyzing processes, building things, moving equipment, and a variety of other tasks. We have had CEOs, Presidents, all levels of managers, supervisors, and team members from all departments successfully complete this series.

The Lean Executive Workshop
Despite your best efforts, without a supportive executive staff, no lean effort goes very far. To help senior executives understand the full potential impact of becoming a lean organization, ILS has developed and proved two Executive workshops which can be conducted in a public venue, or as a dedicated workshop for a single company. Both of these internationally acclaimed programs focus on lean as a total system and the roles these executives must fill and perform to assure a successful transformation.

SME Bronze, Silver, and Gold program
Lean Certification is a credential designed by industry for industry. It is a standard against which professional lean competencies are measured. Its core driver is the desire to assess a lean practitioner's knowledge, skills and abilities. The certification is targeted to companies on lean journeys, and to lean champions, practitioners and consultants charged with facilitating those lean transformations.

Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing
The Prize was established in 1988 to promote awareness of Lean manufacturing concepts and recognize companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico that achieve world-class manufacturing status. The Shingo Prize philosophy is that world-class business performance may be achieved through focused improvements in core manufacturing and business processes.

TBM Lean Certification
Deliver Results While You Earn a Lean Certification and Graduate with Exceptional Hands-On Experience and Knowledge from TBM Lean Veterans - To be recognized as an effective Lean practitioner in today’s challenging and competitive marketplace, an individual must be able to demonstrate measurable results that drive profitable growth. Organizations who achieve such results must be dedicated to learning, seek opportunities for continuous improvement and willing to drive change. Those who have been successful change agents stress the importance of gaining experience through quality instruction, personal application and “critical path” mentoring.

The Lean Tool Awareness Certificate Program

In this intensive one-week, fully accredited program, you will learn how and where to start on your lean journey. Through a combination of classroom lecture, group activities, and simulations the L-TAC program focuses on providing the knowledge base needed to understand and take part in lean transformation efforts in your organization. Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University's experienced consultants and professors, have designated seven modules that are essential to your understanding of the basic concepts of lean. Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded the Lean Tool Awareness Certificate by Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University.