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Gemba Kaizen
Our Price: $29.95
When it comes to making your business more profitable and successful, don't look to re-engineering for answers. A better way is to apply the concept of kaizen, which mean making simple, common-sense improvements and refinements to critical business processes. The "Kaizen Event Implementation Manual," Fifth Edition begins with this never-before documented training material, but goes further to explain why the TPS tools, including kaizen, must work in tandem with a new way of thinking to bring about cultural change. "Office Kaizen: Transforming Office Operations Into a Strategic Competitive Advantage" presents a unified, consistent approach that enables businesses to establish a strategic competitive advantage by significantly improving the efficiency, quality and productivity of their office and administrative processes.
Kaizen Assembly
Our Price: $88.95
Breakthrough Kaizen Events
Our Price: $120.00
Quick & Easy Kaizen Forms
Our Price: $139.99
"Kaizen Assembly" presents step-by-step instruction on planning, implementing, and maintaining a successful lean manual assembly line Part of the Shingo Prize winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series, this program shows an actual kaizen event at the Lantech Corp. where a total of more than 100 improvements were completed. Quick & Easy Kaizen Forms are an effective way to log all improvement ideas that have been identified or implemented as part of your Quick & Easy Kaizen program.
Your audience will learn the basics of Quick and Easy Kaizen including how it can serve as a driving force of change in your organization. Experience, hands-on, the five-day Kaizen Event that is one of the most critical tools to generated rapid sustainable Lean improvement. Quick and Easy Kaizen is the most effective and powerful way to implement a practical and sustainable employee-led improvement system by encompassing the often-ignored, human (employee) side of Lean training. Lean training packages.