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Standardize Work Sheet
Our Price: $7.99
This form allows participants to present a precise description of each work activity specifying cycle time, Takt Time, the work sequence of specific tasks and the minimum inventory of parts on hand needed to conduct the activity. Our form lets participants document the sequence of production steps assigned to a single operator. This form allows participants to diagnose flow issues by charting work areas to determine distance traveled for any chosen operator and sequence.
Time Bar Graph Form
Our Price: $7.99
Time Observation Form
Our Price: $7.99
Much like the Distance and Task Chart, this form allows participants to track work times to create detailed time graphs for any specific product and process This form is a template comprised of the 7 Wastes and is used as a tool in the presentation of Lean thinking concepts to provide the participants with an analysis tool for assessing the opportunities to eliminate waste in an area or their department. This form is used to document and track observations during the analysis of a specific task.
Quick Grids Quick Grids
Quick Grids - Magnetic
Our Price: $12.99
Visual Management made easy with Quick Grids! Visual Management made easy with Quick Grids!
Magnetic, reusable, easy!