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Total Productive Maintenance

One aspect of lean manufacturing is total productive maintenance (TPM). This process coincides with becoming lean, and refers to a proactive system of implementing efficiency before it becomes compromised. Total productive maintenance is focused on the repair end of the company, and is a process that has been developed to boost OEE through deterioration prevention as well as the reduction of maintenance. When the need for maintenance is reduced, more actual work gets done, and so total productive maintenance is essential to a completely lean company.

For example, when all proactive measures are taken, and check lists are made to ensure that machines are running at optimum, less time is spent on the repair of these machines. This is all part of total productive maintenance. Another aspect of total productive maintenance is the reduction of losses through precautionary steps. The company as a whole saves money and time when less expenditure is made from downtime through total productive maintenance.

When implementing total productive maintenance in the appropriate setting, our training products uses the classic model developed in Japan to identify the six major sources of loss, and then we create a systematic plan to eliminate these losses while making improvements. Total productive maintenance is a great way to automate some of the maintenance that needs to be routinely made on your company and equipment, and with this system, we consider all of the losses that are being made, and develop a plan to eliminate these losses while decreasing the need for manual maintenance.

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Torque Seal
Our Price: $4.49
Just place a drop of oil on the card, place it in the protective cover, and seal. Wait 15 minutes to see the amount of solids in the oil. These tubes of bright inspection lacquer allow you to visually detect vibration loosening on fittings, nuts, parts, baseplates, and assemblies. 70 deg to 240 deg F (in 10 degree increments) Price per strip.
Transparent Warning Film lean products
130 deg to 190 deg F (in 10 degree increments)
Price per strip.
Transparent Warning Film 12" x 12" Gauge Marking Labels.
One Point Lesson Form
Our Price: $7.99
30 Day TPM Action Log
Our Price: $7.99
This form is a tool that helps to effectively and efficiently communicate TPM training concepts to participants and employees. The Autonomous Maintenance Form is the last form to create before implementing a new TPM system. This form is used as the actions to be taken over the 30 days after the completion of a TPM workshop.
TPM Tag Register
Our Price: $7.99
OEE Worksheet
Our Price: $7.99
Use this form to log all tagged items during the TPM workshop as well as after the workshop as a tool of continuous improvement. This is a worksheet to help participants understand the dynamics of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness as a tool for increasing machines availability, performance, and quality. This essential form is used to provide criteria for benchmarking TPM projects and for getting objective measurements for each element of TPM.
gauge transparent warning film
TPM Inspection Form
Our Price: $7.99
TPM Blue Tags
Our Price: $16.99
The inspection form is used to provide a plan-view highlight of the processes required at an area of responsibility. This can be an entire machine or it can be a specific device on a machine. Transparent Warning Film Circles This tag is an effective communication label to ensure your project team and maintenance are working together.
5s supplies 5s supplies
Zebra Cards (4pack)
Our Price: $19.99
Shadow Board Vinyl Tape
Our Price: $20.00
These colored plastic caps snap securely over standard SAE J534 grease fittings (Zerk fittings) to seal out dirt and moisture. Available in bags of 100 caps, all one color. Choose from blue, red, yellow and green. When cut to size (only about an eighth of an inch strip is needed) and placed behind fluid level sight gauges, the actual levels can be seen easily and quickly from a distance. Shadow Board Vinyl Tape
TPM Form Pack
Our Price: $52.99
Now you can discover exactly how to integrate a TPM program into your workshop to make its implementation a bottom-line success! Written for maintenance operators, technicians, apprentices and managers, "Inspection and Training for TPM" provides four steps necessary for success. Includes all the necessary forms for TPM in one package.
Practical TPM
Our Price: $57.95
TPM Inspection Cards
Our Price: $99.99
This book gives the inside story of how TPM was successfully deployed at a U.S. high-tech manufacturing plant. It not only describes the challenges and opportunities facing Agilient, but offers insights into how other companies can learn valuable lessons from the authors experience with maximizing equipment efficiency. These TPM Inspection Cards are attached to the machine in accordance with their respective areas on the TPM Inspection Form.  These tags are essential for visually representing the sequence of checks on the machine, who is responsible, and frequency of checks. The video shows how TPM keeps equipment operating at design specs, and gets more output from smaller facilities.
This five DVD program features case studies, expert perspectives and management guidelines for transforming routine and crisis-oriented maintenance into total productive maintenance. With our TPM Training Package you can achieve an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the mid to upper 90% without major capital expenditures!